300 L Street
Aurora, NE 68818

“212 Success Center” / “PEAK Success Center”


The Aurora school community takes great pride in the educational opportunities provided for all students.  Aurora Preschool, Aurora Elementary School, Aurora Middle School, and Aurora High School combine to create the school system. Within our school system, we have two life skills programs.  One is at the elementary called “212 Success Center” and the other is at the middle/high school called “PEAK Success Center”.  These two programs are designed to help meet the needs of students with significant learning disabilities within our district.  Aurora Public Schools started the life skills program in the fall of 2003.  All four sites are accredited by the State Board of Education through the Nebraska Department of Education. In addition, Aurora High School is accredited by Nebraska Frameworks.

“212 Success Center” for K-5 students represents how it takes 212 degrees for water to boil and it takes that ONE degree to make all the difference between having boiling water or not.  This is similar to children we work with.  It takes an extra degree to help children strive to achieve success.

“PEAK Success Center” for our middle/high school students represents a journey we take with all students to help guide them in striving to fulfill their goals and dreams.  (P stands for Performance, E stands for Effort, A stands for Attitude, and K stands for Knowlege)  In order for students to achieve their goals, they need to perform at their “PEAK” to have success.


  • serving our children in our community
  • to provide opportunities to learn and improve self-help skills, daily living skills, and vocational skills
  • to provide academic experiences for children with diverse learning abilities
  • to provide students with the necessary assistive technology to promote independence and opportunities to use them in a variety of settings to allow interactions with same age peers and partnerships between general education and special education students
  • to provide opportunities for service learning
  • to provide social opportunities with other students, teachers, and community members to develop long lasting partnerships with community members, organizations, and businesses in the Aurora area.

Facility Facts:

  • Apartment Which Includes:
  • Handicapped accessible kitchen.
  • Handicapped accessible bathroom.
  • Living Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Utility Closet
  • Bedroom Area

Classroom Which Includes:

  • Small/Large Group Work Areas
  • Computer Work Stations
  • Sensory Stimulation Environment
  • Assistive Technology

``212 Success Center`` / ``PEAK Success Center`` Staff

Luey Krejdl

Elem. Resource Teacher - 212 Success Center

Email: lkrejdl@4rhuskies.org

I am a resource teacher who helps supplement students in the general education curriculum.

My mission is to … be an advocate for each individual and their abilities, to always teach with purpose, and to work to make a positive change.

Roxie Obermier

MS/HS Resource Teacher - PEAK Success Center

Email: robermier@4rhuskies.org

I am a resource teacher who teaches students to achieve their own personal level of independence in everyday living.

My mission is to … advocate, be enthusiastic, and believe all students are capable of learning.

Maria Bohlen

MS/HS Resource Teacher - PEAK Success Center

Email: mbohlen@4rhuskies.org

My mission is to … drive students to achieve more than they ever thought possible, show compassion for others, and actively engage in creating a better world.

Amy Hudiburgh

``PEAK Success Center`` Paraprofessional

Email: ahudiburgh@4rhuskies.org

My mission is to …live life as a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get so pick one and just go with it.

Jody Collingham

``PEAK Success Center`` Paraprofessional

Email: jcollingham@4rhuskies.org

My mission is to …be flexible, be firm, be compassionate, be caring, and deal with each situation as its own along with adapting to each students’ needs.

Sheri Thompson

Speech-Language Pathologist

Email: sthompson@4rhuskies.org

I give diagnosis and therapy to students who qualify for services in the area of articulation, voice, fluency, language, and social skills.

My mission is to … live each day with integrity, have a growth mindset, and empower others to achieve success.

Carol Schuster

Speech-Language Pathologist

Email: cschuster@4rhuskies.org

I give diagnosis and therapy to students who qualify for services in the area of articulation, voice, fluency, language, and social skills.

My mission is to … help my students become effective communicators.

Kim Eberly

Occupational Therapist

Email: keberly@mchiaurora.org

I provide Occupational Therapy services to students attending Aurora Public Schools.

My mission is to … engage each student to do their best, to build relationships based on trust, and to grow in knowledge and skill to be better able to serve.

Carla Christensen

Occupational Therapist

Email: cchristensen@mchiaurora.org

I provide Occupational Therapy services to students attending Aurora Public Schools.

My mission is to … have positive interactions with students, staff, and parents, to enhance each child's ability to participate in his/her school day, and to try to be a positive and kind person to all I encounter.